Non-DICOM Network Printing Solution

An Imorgon customer suggests the following network printing solution for "baby pictures" for patients:
We purchased a Sony UP-DR80MD dye-sub printer. This is a direct USB connection and prints PC (or Mac) images. However, we needed a network printer. Sony supplies an accessory called the "NKIT". This device has an Ethernet connection on one side and USB ports on the other.  It makes a non-network USB device into a networked one.

The device comes with client software which is installed on all machines from which we want to print.  What we do is to select all the images we want to print and save them.  From the "Saved Imorgon Files" we then select the images to print and use the Windows Photo Print Wizard. We can print directly from Imorgon, but the problem is that we get only a single small image per page.  So, by using the Windows Photo Print Wizard, we can select a format for the images (1:1, 2:1, 4:1, etc).