PACS Issues

Green Image Issue with ACUO Routers

ACUO routers have an image format trans-conversion issues from RLE or RGB to and certain JPEG Baseline converted images will look "green" when displayed. There is a mismatching color space information compared to what is actually contained in the JPEG data. 


Imorgon server will detect this condition and correct it and saves the correctly encoding DICOM instance on behalf of the erroneously converted data.

Scewed JPEG Clip Frames with Emageon Archive, A Transconvresion Issue

If Emageon receives an image in a different original encoding format than the Baseline JPEG encoding, some versions or configurations of Emageon archives outputs incorrectly encoded Baseline JPEG frames which causes either "scewed" look in the output images or at worst case, it will crash a decoder engine on the client side. This was originally found with GE E8 Ultrasound clips stored first on Emageon. We have confirmed that this is a bug in the encoding as getting the same data from a different PACS archives handles this conversion properly.

Note that it appears that the original frames have odd number of pixels in the horizontal direction. This is, in general, not a permitted configuration for JPEG Baseline encoding and typically a padding has to be added before encoding.


Only known workaround is to receive images uncompressed or to receive images in the same encoding as how they were sent.