Mac OS Support

Imorgon workstation can run on your Apple Macintosh (iMac recommended) with Mac OS Snow Leopard and Lion or later by installing VMWare Fusion 4.x or later and either Windows XP or Windows 7 32-bit version operating system within VMWare. 

Here are some tips:
  • Install at least 6 GB of RAM on your Mac, 8 GB is recommended and inexpensive to upgrade. Any less than that you will run into performance issues on larger studies. Any Apple Store can provide the memory upgrade.
  • Allocate 4 GB or RAM for the Virtual Machine running the Windows
  • Use VMWare Fusion 4.x or later for optimum clip playing performance. If you are running an older version of VMware, upgrade to 4.x or later is a "must-have" upgrade as there was a significant improvement in the graphics performance in 4.0.
  • Once the VMware is up and running, make it to run as Full Screen application and do not switch back to Mac screen as much as possible.
  • Be sure that the VMWare Tools are installed with your Windows instance.
  • For 64-bit support please consult Imorgon Support for installation assistance. This is not fully supported yet, but we are allowing a limited number of alpha customers to try.