Anti-Virus FAQ

Which AV Software Do Imorgon Use?

We have been using NOD32 AV software mainly because of its simplicity, speed and have not had any security breach in our networks.

Can We Use Other AV Software?

Typically most institutions have their own IT policy and would like to unify the brand or version of the AV software. The Imorgon product does not put any specific restrictions on which you would use.  In some cases some exceptions may need to be configured. It is best first to test this with a test workstation.

For the Imorgon servers we recommend that DICOM & database files be excluded from routine scans. Most antivirus solutions can configure this on a file or folder basis.

Our customers have used McAfee, Symantec and TrendMicro products successfully.

What are the Typical Issues We Need to Look After?

Make Sure that Imorgon Workstation Can Access Some Directories

Some security software does not permit the write access to AppData directories such as;

Imorgon Workstation caches data into C:\Users\Default\AppData directory. 
Also we need access to C:\Users\<current user>\AppData\Roaming\

It is best to validate this on a test workstation prior to deployment.

Server Reboots May Need Extra Care

Our redundant servers will automatically fail-over if you reboot a server. This will not have immediate production issue but may have a longer term issue such as main backups scripts that are connected to an external backup technology you have in place. Therefore we recommend a scheduled update with human operated restart for the servers.