Workstation Startup in Compare Mode

Using compare mode on a dual-monitor system allows you to control the images on each monitor independent of the other monitor. This allows you to compare different parts of the same study (e.g. right kidney at the beginning of the image set on the left monitor and left kidney at the end of the image set on the right monitor), or different studies for the same patient (e.g. aortic study from today on the left monitor and aortic study from 2009 on the right monitor).

In this mode, move your mouse to the image monitor you want to scroll, then either use the mouse wheel or the scroll bar to navigate through images.  To change to the other monitor, move your mouse to that monitor and scroll.

How To Enable or Disable This Mode

NOTE: This mode is tied to the user's login. If the user moves to another workstation, the mode will be preserved.

  • Bring up the Imorgon Workstation and log in.
  • Be sure that the Study List is showing.
  • Right mouse click anywhere in the study list and select Customize... menu.

  • At the bottom of the User Settings dialog box, click the "Startup in Compare Mode" check box and press OK.
  • Log-off the workstation and log back in for the change to take place.