Workstation Quick Guides

The Imorgon Ultrasound Solution is sold in two configurations; as a Stand-Alone PACS and as an Integrated Solution with the PACS (Philips iSite and GE Centricity).  Some tools are not available when integrated with iSite, however any integrated workstation can be temporarily switched to use Imorgon in a Stand-Alone mode to complete the desired task, then switched back to Integrated mode for diagnostic use.  Click here for brief instructions on switching between modes.

Imorgon as a Stand-Alone Solution

Imorgon Integrated with iSite PACS

Most Workstation functionality is identical between the integrated workstation and stand-alone workstation.  Although you have an integrated workstation, please refer to the Stand-Alone workstation guide for instructions.

For advanced users such as System Administrators, refer to these guides when performing advanced operations on an integrated workstation:
Complete Workstation Guide (Stand-Alone and Integrated)
  • Imorgon Workstation HELP Guide.  
  • (Note: The Imorgon Workstation Help Guide can also be accessed at any Imorgon workstation by clicking the "Help" button located in the upper right of the Imorgon window).
System Tools Guide