Workstation Configuration Best Practice

Do You Have Enough Memory?

We would like all workstation to have the maximum possible memory installed. That's about 3.5 GB of RAM. 4 GB of RAM is useless since the BIOS takes up a high memory region.

Do You Have A Sufficient Page File (Swap Space) Size Allocated?

Imorgon workstation, due to the imaging nature of this, is memory intensive. Users will experience some peak memory load issue and at that time, it is better to go slower than completely crash or freeze. We suggest that at least 8 GB of "Page/Swap File Space" allocated on each system. Most systems may have some default setting that's not optimum for Imorgon workstation use. Your administrator (or you if you are the administrator) can run the scripts from and quickly configure this. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to download it.

Make Sure No Other Memory Consuming Apps Are Running

Please take a look at the Process List and make sure there is no time or memory consuming processes running on the same workstation.


For Stability and Memory Efficienty, We Recommend Nightly Automatic Restart

Windows now have a convenient command "shutdown -r" to restart a machine. So all we need to do is to run this command on a scheduled basis.
You can read this Microsoft WMI Scripting information: to do it yourslf, or download the attached on this article (please scroll to the bottom of the page where you see "Attachments"

WSConfigKit:  Instructions

When you unzip WSConfigKit, please follow these instructions:
1. The original script is set to restart everyday at 1:23:45 AM Pacific Standard Time. If this is not what you like, please EDIT SetAutoRestart.vbs script. To set the time (Save it and copy it on a share or a USB mem stick):

at where it reads
012345.000000 means 01:23:45 (i.e., 1:23:45 AM)

At the line that reads:

(1 OR 2 OR 4 OR 8 OR 16 OR 32 OR 64) means M,T,W,T,F,Sa,Su in binary bits. You may remove one or more of these days. For example, if you want the restart to occur on MON, WED, and FRI, then you would rewrite this part as (1 OR 4 OR 16).
Change TIme Zones (it is described in minutes from GMT):
-420 for Pacific
-360 for Mountain
-300 for Central
-240 for Eastern
No DST offset is considered, so please set the time at which you don't care 1 hour difference does not matter. 
2. You do not need to edit the SetPageFile.vbs, but is is set to create 4 times the RAM amount of the Page File. You can edit this too to set a specific size.

Please save the file to your USB memstick or to a share so you can download the kit to each workstation.
3. Please log on to the worksation with a local administrator priviledge and copy your edited version of the kit.
Run Configure.BAT (just double click Configure.BAT file from the Windows Exploerer)
4. Restart the system. 

If you want to just check the memory configuration of a remote system, See This Page

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