Automated Activities

Imorgon 2.0 Supported Automated Activities

Patient Admission and Scheduling

This activity is performed on the your HIS or RIS.  When an exam is scheduled, an Admission or Order event (or both) will be generated and a modality worklist entry is created.

Automated Pre-Fetching

An Imorgon server can be configured to monitor either the Modality Worklist (MWL via DICOM) or the HL7 feed from your HIS/RIS. Upon detection of an order Imorgon will Query and Retrieve all relevant prior ultrasound and structured report (SR) data from the PACS archive. Scheduled studies have prior exams pulled the night before.  Monitoring of MWL and HL7 feeds continues periodically thorough out the day to retrieve prior exams for emergent and unscheduled studies.

Automated Demographic Changes

If there is a matching medical record number/patient ID between the information system and the Imorgon database, but other patient demographic information is incorrect, the Imorgon information will be updated automatically to match the HIS/RIS/MWL data.  Any subsequent demographic changes from HIS/RIS are monitored on Imorgon Server's HL7 interface (if so configured), and subsequent changes to the demographics will be made in Imorgon's database, even long after the study was completed. If the HL7 interface is not available such changes may be made on the next pre-fetch of the same MRN patient (i.e., patient returns for a new study).

Image Deletion

In addition to image deletion at the workstation, Imorgon supports modality mediated image deletion.

An Imorgon server supports the following image deletion messages and methods:
  • ACUSON/Siemens Sequoia Proprietary C-MOVE to TRASH AE DICOM Protocol
  • DICOM Key Object Selection Service Class (KOS). At this time of writing GE LOGIQ E9 supports this method.
  • Manually, at the workstation.

Exam Marked Read Auto Archive

Each workstation may be configured to send the completed study immediately to the archive or to wait until the study has been marked Read. For cases where the exam will not be marked as Read in Imorgon or there is a delay in reading the study, the system can be configured to archive the study after a defined period of time. After "x" number of minutes or hours, all un-read exams that have "aged" to the configured time will be sent to the PACS for archiving. 

A workstation can also be configured to not to forward to PACS at all. This may be used for test modalities.

You can also push any studies from the Imorgon server to PACS manually using the Send To PACS button on the Imorgon study list.