Web Viewer Tips

Your Imorgon Web Viwer is not simply a viewer but also a tool for you to produce a stunning presentation from your Ultrasound images. Please follow these simple steps to save your images using your Windows or Macintosh computers.


On top of the image information area, there is an anonymize checkbox. If you are preparing a presentation, you may wish to enable this to hide patient information from exported images and clips.

Saving Still Images

Still images are presented as JPEG format images, and as you can do with most web images, you can simply right mouse button click to copy the image to your clipboard and immediately paste it to your document, or save it on your disk for storage.

Saving Clips

If your system has Apple QuickTime Pro installed (add a license key to the QuickTime player), then it is possible to save the movie directly from your browser. It can be saved as the original format or in the QuickTime format. Once you do that you can import the images to your PowerPoint or KeyNote presentations.

Before saving the clips, please note that the Web Viewer also has Anonymize option. If this feature is enabled then the displayed images will have patient demographics information maked. This may be a great feature for teaching and presentations. See Above Anonymize section for how to turn this feature on.