Web Service Tool

How To Access

  • We normally install Imorgon System Service Tool Web Edition at http://<imorgon primary server address>/SystemTool  For example, if your machine is called Imorgon1 then it will be at http://imorgon1/SystemTool
  • Please request Imorgon Support at iCare@Imorgon.NET to set up the initial administrator user name and the password.
  • Please leave the "imorgon" user intact since this is Imorgon Customer Care will use to provide remote support.
  • For the 64-bit system set the imorgon user's password hash is -1641190504 to get the type 1 (lowercase) password.

Checking The System Health

The first page of the System Tool provides the overall health of the system. Especially please keep close eyes on the Queue size build ups. You can also obtain the last 100 exams received by pressing the button on the page and wait for 10 seconds or so for the page to update. <More to be written on this section>

Changing Login Timeouts

The System Tool ships with a default of 20 minutes before the system will log you out. This is for security reason so that you do not unnecessarily expose the information to on-lookers.

But this can be easily changed using the following steps. If you are not too comfortable tweaking systems, then you can also request our support team to do this for you, but be sure to mention the URL of this page (email it to him or her) to follow the steps (our support team members are not required to memorize every page on the KB.)

  • From the Explorer open C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SystemTool  (your IIS root directory may be installed on a different drive especially if it is on Amazon EC2 or other virtual machine host. Please consult the person who made the machine.)
  • Using the NotePad or Visual Studio Application Edition (recommended), open web.config file in the directory. You may need to run them as an administrator. This is often tricky so what I do is to copy the file to the desktop, edit it and drop back into the original place at which point the OS will ask you for the Admin override.
  • Search for the line containing the following
<authentication mode="Forms">
<forms loginUrl="Login.aspx" name=".ASPNETAUTH" protection="None" path="/" timeout="20"></forms>

  • Change the timeout value to the number of minutes you desire.
  • Save.