SQL Database Backup Recommendations

About SQL Database Backup

Imorgon recommends SQL data backup and store the backup off Imorgon servers, typically on a network NAS. From there you can create rotating off-site backup tapes. 

On standard installations we perform Daily full backups and incremental backups. Details are in the following sections. These plans are customizable per your request.

Backup Schedule

Daily Full Backup

  • At 2 AM each day, the SQL server creates backup of ImorgonConfg, ImorgonClinical, master and msdb databases. Also transaction log files for ImorgonConfig and ImorgonClinical are created. Files are stored on local server disks.
  • At the end of the backup, Transaction Logs will be truncated.
  • We normally keep previous a minimum of 7 days worth of these full backups on the locally accessible disk storage.

3-Hourly Incremental Backups

  • Between 6 am and 7 pm every day the system performs incremental backups of ImorgonClinical and ImorgonConfig databases. These contain Imorgon product's databases (patients, studies, images, and image pointers etc.) These allows re-construction of database to the nearest 3 hour perid on top of the full backup. For example, there is an errorneous massive deletion of some data at 1 PM, it is possible to restore the database to the point of 12 PM (noon) by restoring the full backup at 2 AM, then 6 AM, 9 AM and 12 AM incremental backups. You will lose what happened between 12 PM and 1 PM, but please do know that all ultrasound machines have enough local storage to last for a few days, so you can re-send all these exams that occurred in the period.

Index Rebuilding

  • On Sunday morning or late Sunday, we will perform an index rebuilding of the entire ImorgonClinical database.

Backup Export Recommendations

Imorgon recommends that you copy as many of our backup files on your network storage that's outside of the Imorgon servers.

We also recommend you Tape Backup the backup copies and send them to an off-site location on a rotating basis for a minimum of 30-day rotation schedule.   If you provide us with the Microsoft UNC and the login account to use to get a file read/write and delete permission.  It is possible to copy the files automatically as a part of the backup schedule.