QuickTime, Perian Driver and Saving Clips from Web Viewer

In order to save clips from the Web Viwer you need to purchase and install the Apple QuickTime PRO software key. This unlocks the "save" feature in the clip viewer.

You can purchase this from http://QuickTime.Apple.COM for approximately $25.00 per computer. If you are an educational institution, you might have a special deal worked out with Apple. Check with the appropriate purchasing authority to see if that is the case.

When you get the key, start the QuickTime Viewer and insert the PRO key you receive from the Apple Online Store via Email.

Perian Driver May Interfere with QuickTime Plug-In

We have found out that if a user has a Perian driver installed on the Macintosh, this may interfere with the QuickTime plug-in.
See Attached PDF file on how to disable this driver on the user's Mac below on this page.
Manabu Tokunaga,
Nov 25, 2009, 2:16 PM