Print Images On Windows Printer

Printing Capability on Imorgon Workstation

With wide availability of personal computer Ink-Jet and Color Laser printers, you can use your Imorgon Workstation to print color images without the expense of a dedicated DICOM printer. You can use any commercially available color printer with a Windows driver. If you can print a photo from your digital camera or a web page on your printer then you can also print Ultrasound images to the same printer. It is that simple!

Imorgon workstation lets you print:
  • The Entire Study
  • Only The Selected Images
  • Current Image Only
In addition, the workstation can hide any patient confidential information before printing. This may be useful for providing images for publication purposes.


You can connect just about any Microsoft Windows compatible color Ink-Jet (like Cannon PIXMA, Epson Stylus, HP Photosmart, Officejet, DeskJet etc.) or Color Laser printers to your Imorgon Workstation computer using a USB cable, or you can also connect to a network printer in your hospital network. If color printing is not required, you can also print to a monochrome printer, like a Laser printer. Any printer with a standard Windows driver support is fine.  For network printers, please consult your hospital desktop IT department as to the availability of a network printer at your workstation.  Ask your hospital IT department to install and test the network printer driver. If you do not currently have a color printer, you can purchase one from your local computer retailer or online computer retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, CDW or Fry's Electronics - often for less than $100.

Some "DICOM" printers can also operate as regular Windows printers by installing a driver. Please consult with your printer vendor to see if that option is available.

Once you install the printer driver on your computer, open up a web browser, go to any page that has a photo (like your hospital main page) and make sure you can print the page from the workstation computer. For the best printing quality adjust or correct any printing issues with your desktop computer support person before starting to print on Imorgon workstation. You may also need to adjust the printing gamma (light and darkness apparance) in Imorgon workstation. The steps are described in the bottom part of this document.

For a more photo-realistic printing, we recommend you use the Photo quality paper stock with an ink-jet printer. Such paper is available from most office supply stores or online electronic retailers such as Amazon.

Imorgon Medical Advises That Printed Images Should Not Be Used For Diagnostics Purposes

Steps To Print Images

You can print images while you are in image review. If ultrasound images are showing on your computer, you can print from there. You cannot print from a study list.

Select Images To Print

If you need to print  selected images (as oppose to the entire study), then you can select which images to print. This can be done using the following steps. It is also possible to print the entire study or just one image. This is described later in this document.

Move the mouse over top the the top 1/4 of the image you are interested in selecting. This will expose a menu on top of the image.

On the top right part of the menu, you see two squares that says [S] and [K]. By clicking the [S] button, the image will become selected. (The letter [K] signifies Key Image.)

Here is a closer view of the [S] and [K] buttons.

You can navigate the entire study and select the images you would like to print.


Right click the mouse and select the "Print..." menu. This will pop up the Print Settings.

A Print Settings Dialog will appear like this:

You can then select which images to print.

The choices are:
  • Only this image: This will print only one image that you have right clicked from.
  • All selected images: Prints selected images as described in the previous section.
  • Entire Study: Prints all of the images in the study. If clips are included, the first image of each clip will be printed.
  • Anonymizing the output or not.
Press Print to print the images. This will open up the Printer Selection dialog box. If you have more than one printer driver loaded on your computer you can chose the printer you went to print to. Press OK to begin printing.

Making Printing Format and Quality Adjustments

You can make the following adjustments in the workstation Option settings. This will apply to all subsequent printing requests until you readjust.
  • Printing Format: either Portrait 2 x 3 or landscape 2 x 2 formats.
  • Positioning of the Images: In inches from the top of the paper (or printing media).
  • Print gamma: This adjusts the print quality similar to contrast adjustments. If the print-out is too light or too dark, you may need to adjust this setting in small increments until you achieve the desired result. 
  • Print Margins and Paper Orientation: Margins can be adjusted for Left, Right, Top and Bottom.

To open the Printing Page Setup Option

Open the Options Dialog, it is on Top Right of One of the Monitors
Next, Select the Printing Tab and the following dialog will appear.
To set up the paper orientation and margins, press the "Page setup..." button on the dialog box.