PACS Export Workflow Information

Automatic Export to PACS

Automatic export to PACS can be configured to:

  • Send all images belonging to a study when the study is marked READ in the workstation.
  • Send all images after a configurable period of time after the last image has arrived. This is by default, set to 75 minutes but it can be changed.

Manual Export to PACS

If export is configured in the Imorgon server, exams may be exported to PACS from the Imorgon workstation. Export occurs immediately.

Technical Information

  • To enable exporting for a given modality, enable this from the modality table.
  • If unconditional immediate send is desired this can be set on per modality basis.

Configuring Export Parameters

This can be set under the Web Service tool by Imorgon support personnel. The following parameters are available under the EXPORT FUNCTIONS, REMOTE AE section of PACS configuration page.

  • Send on Storage Commit
  • Auto Send Delay in hours (fraction OK)
  • Send On Marked As Read