Mirroring System Functional Test Procedure

What is This Test

This test makes sure that the mirrored redundancy has been configured and functioning properly at your installation. A successful completion of this procedure means that the configurations are final and either one of the servers can be used as redundantly in a normal production environment.

When To Perform This Test

  • Imorgon support has performed all of the PACS and Modality Worklist configurations and certifies that servers are ready for the "live" fail-over test.
  • Perform this test prior to or shortly after "going live."
  • We highly recommend that we perform this test at least quarterly to make sure that all the components necessary are properly configured and working.

Required Conditions Before The Test

  • Open a Mirror Fail-Over Test Request with icare@imorgon.net with the schedule. Allow 30 minutes for the complete testing.
  • Have a sonographer stand-by so that the sonographer can acquire and send test images after the fail-over has been initiated.
  • Perform this test during out of normal high-volume clinical hours.  Some service interruptions may be experienced.
  • Notify clinical users that in the even of problems they should read the data at the modality and inform you as soon as possible.
  • Database mirroring, Primary and Secondary servers are all configured to perform mirroring fail-over and the Witness server is online and fully operational. If there is a chance that a witness server may become unavailable during the test, do not perform the test. Fix the issue first.

Expected Results

  • If all components are configured correctly there should be no clinical impacts for all its normal functionality including;
    • Modalities can send studies to Imorgon server without requiring any changes for the DICOM destination.
    • Workstation can continue to review the latest exam that was sent.
    • PACS exporting will continue to export new exams
    • Web Viewer (if used) allows users to review all exams and any new exams
    • Modality worklist query functions.
  • You may decide to operate the system in the failed-over mode for at least one day.

How To Perform The Procedure

  1. Schedule a time and resource so that you can send a test ultrasound study from a scanner after the fail-over
  2. Before the fail-over, pull up the newest exam performed on the workstation. Make a note of the accession number and total number of images.
  3. Perform the fail-over. Using the fail-over procedure at this link.
  4. Once failed over, the workstation may be interrupted briefly and reloads. Let this happen and try to pull up the same exam. Be sure that you can still retrieve the exam after the fail-over occurs.
  5. Send a new test exam to Imorgon server from the modality, making a note of the total number of images.
  6. Be sure that you can pull up the exam that you have just sent.
  7. Manually export the exam to your PACS and check to make sure that the exam has arrived. This may go as an exception on your PACS so be sure to find this in the exception queue.
  8. If you are confident with the result, leave the system running in the failed-over mode for a day or over a whole weekend to ensure that Pre-fetching and modality worklist is functioning as normal.

What To Do After The Test

  • In most installations, SQL Database Backupand external copy of the file is done only at the Primary server, therefore, after the test, fail-back the Principal to the Primary server.