Issue Tracking

Imorgon Issue Tracking Process

We Need to Know Your Issue Tracking Process Too!

  • Please provide us with the following information:
    • Which email and phone number (or pager) to call if we need to perform emergency maintenance or make a change to your Imorgon System?
    • What is the communication protocol you would like us to follow? (Contact PACS hotline, email a reporting email address, etc)
    • Should we cut a ticket on your issue tracking system? If so, how we would do that?
    • For routine maintenance, what is your preferred method for contacting you for a scheduled downtime?
Your Imorgon project manager will be requesting the above information during the project implementation phase. Please be prepared to provide us the information and if there is a process or personnel change down the line, do let us know.

What To Do If You Notice Site Down or Product Unavailable Condition

  • If you are either suspecting or are actually experiencing a situation which none or most of your own users cannot access the product, cannot send, or do not see new studies, you should contact Imorgon technical staff right away by phone. Here is how it works.
  1. Call our support phone number at Toll Free 877-298-7543. If it is during regular business hours 9:00-6:00pm PST, our support phones will ring in a rotation with all available support staff. If it is during an off hour, it will go to an answering service where a live person will receive your call. You may be placed on hold temporarily while your call is routing. Please hold on, so that you can report the situation with our call answering personnel.
  2. If your call is answered by our answering service, please provide your institution name, your own name and phone number(s) to reach you, and whether or not this is an urgent, emergency situation requiring immediate assistance. A call will ring in a rotation through our off-hours support personnel until it is answered, and our support representative will contact you or the person who reported the problem. Please leave a message if you do go to a voicemail, so that we can reply immediately. Several rings may occur as the call is routing through, so please do not hang up.
  3. It is our goal that you should not be required to leave a voicemail, and that you should always be connected to a live person. If you are required to leave a message at any time, be assured we will listen and get back to you shortly.

How to Report Non-Critical Issues, Feature Requests to Us

  • We track every customer communication by means of an Issue Tracking Database. Requests should be sent to iCare@Imorgon.Net in order for it to be captured in our Issue Tracking Database. If you do, it will be entered automatically into our issue tracking system, and we are not allowed to close the issue without first talking to you about it.
  • Every issue that you send to our Issue Tracking Database will be positively addressed in one way or another. Every issue will be addressed. Emergency, workflow-related issues will be assigned immediately to a technical support specialist in order to resolve the problem and minimize the impact to your workflow. Non-emergent situations will be assigned and tracked to completion, or in the case of Feature Requests, will be reviewed and prioritized in our roadmap and release planning. We will communicate the status of the request/ticket to the person who reported the issue or requested the work.
  • Any requests that cannot be implemented immediately, will remain in our request history and can be addressed at a later date, if applicable.
  • On a regular basis (weekely, bi-weekly or monthly) we will review all open tickets with your project manager. We will either resolve your open tickets or communicate their status on a regular basis.

What You Would Expect From Imorgon Customer Care Support

Customer Responsibility

  • The Customer shall be responsible for:
    • The network and network infrastructure to deliver network traffic among modalities, workstations, PACS and Imorgon server.
    • The server hardware
    • The operating system and the operating environment
      • Microsoft Windows Server OS
      • Microsoft software automatic update downloads (Imorgon will initiate the applying of the updates at normally scheduled maintenance windows, please note however we will take advantage of the redundancy so usually there is no downtime involved.)
      • Installation and configuration of Anti-Virus solutions per customer's choice. (In most customer sites, the customer has selected an enterprise-wide solution such as Norton A/V). Servicing of this is expected to be performed by the customer. Optionally, however, Imorgon can install ESET NOD32 A/V and maintain the license and updates on the customer's behalf.
    • Off-site back up of:
      • SQL database files
      • Image partitions
    • Routine user and user rights management
    • Routine data acquisition exception handling (i.e., fixing unrecognized patients, MRN, accessions etc.)
    • Configuration of Modalities
    • Build-Out and Deployment of Imorgon Workstations. Please note that once the workstations are deployed the Imorgon workstation software can be centrally updated from the Imorgon server.

Imorgon Reponsibility

Imorgon Installation and Configurations

  • Installation, configuration and update of Imorgon Server and Imorgon Web Server software
  • Installation, configuration and updates of SQL Servers
  • Configuration and Execution of SQL backup to a customer designated storage location

Imorgon Proactive Monitoring

Imorgon Customer Care monitors your systems 24 x 7 and takes applicable corrective action. The system currently monitors the following types of issues:
  • Data Flow performance monitoring conducts checking of sudden spike or prolonged lack of data flow in:
    • Data coming from DICOM modalities.
    • DICOM related errors
    • Data Replication Flow between the principal and mirror servers
    • Elapsed time since the system has received the last new study.
    • Data export flow and status from Imorgon server to the archiving PACS system
    • Data from Modality Worklist
    • Prefetch of prior exams stored in the PACS system to Imorgon Server
    • SQL backups
  • Overall System Conditions
    • Proactive Monitoring network circuit analysis
    • Server Up (or Down)
    • Free disk spaces on all mounted drives
    • Database Mirroring Status
    • Mirroring Witness Server Availability Status