iSite Integration

Frequently Requested Support Questions

Fix: Imorgon Viewer Does Not Launch Automatically

  • Check to make sure that NetMsgMon tray icon is up and running prior to launching the Imorgon Viewer.
  • If it is not running, you can manually start this from the iSite Integrator Shortcut (may also be named as "Start the iSite Integration) in the Start Menu. If this icon does not exist in your start menu, please call Imorgon support to add this.

Fix: Imorgon Viewer and iSite Do Not Show Side to Side

This can be corrected using the iSite User Preference
  • iSite preference: User preference > General Preference >main monitor layout > two monitor
  • Set to "left", 4 montior set to "left".  

Beware: Imorgon Viewer Will Not Launch Even Though the First or All Ultrasound Images Are on Both iSite and Imorgon Servers

  • Check to make sure that the the study on iSite is not indicating a Registration Exception with an Exclamation mark (!). If a study is categorized under an exception then it is not possible for iSite to launch the Imorgon Application.

Beware: What Will Happen When an Unscheduled or Exception Studies Are Sent to Imorgon

As of 2.1, this is the current behavior. We are currently gathering information from various sites to see if this is acceptable or need further refinements.
  1. If the "send first image immediately" mode is turned on, Imorgon will send the first image of the study regardless of whether it is an registration exception study or not. 
  2. This will cause the first image on the iSite to appear as an exception.
  3. They are also exceptions on Imorgon.
Suggested Approach:
  • Before marking the study to be READ on Imorgon, please correct the condition that has caused an exception.
  • Request the iSite administrator to fix the exception in the same manner on the first image sent.
  • Mark the study to be READ and if the fixes were made in both places, everything will go-in matched to iSite
If there is an error in above steps.
  • Delete the entire study from iSite
  • Make sure to fix the exception condition on Imorgon if this has not yet been done.
  • Manually request an export of the study to iSite.

Changing Screen Layout


You want to have the default screen and monitor layout, for example, using just the single monitor or displaying on 4 on 1 instead of 6 on 1 only, but you cannot find where this is done.


Screen layout configuration should be set up without the integrated mode. Please turn off the integration mode by turning off the "NetMsgMon on the desktop try icon, re-start the Imorgon Workstation. Log in as an administrative user and select the [Options] menu on top right hand corner of the screen. Change the layout options. Close the application and restart the integration engine by enabling "NetMsgMon".

Fix: "Imorgon iSite Radiology Plug In Error: Expected hexadecimal digit"


There is a private Filter in the user's iSite preference, and the following dialog box appears either when:
  • Pressing the Save button on the "Edit Filter" dialog box of iSite, or
  • Clicking the Private Filter Folder on the Folder List

After hitting the OK you will see the following dialog box that would not seem to go away.

Fix (Workaround):

This is a software defect in iSite and not likely be fixed immediately*. Fortunately, this problem can be worked around. In the Name field of the filter, do not start the filter name with a lower case. Always start the filter name with an upper case. For example "My Ultrasound Studies". If the filter name starts with an upper case then this problem will go away immediately after saving the filter (and going though pressing Yes to get around the old filter issue), and re-launching the iSite.

If you create a filter like below, you can recreate the problem.

* The real problem is that the first letter cannot be a lowercase letter 'u'. This probably confuses the iSite to think that the remaining string communicated is a Hex string (\u in HTML). So long as we avoid this specific situation, you can actually begin the string with a lower case.