Cache Disk Space Estimation

Just How Much Cache Disk Space Should I Have?

Given a 1 TB of a disk space, a typical site can store 250,000 to 350,000 ultrasound studies including priors to current exams. But the following factors can largely affects the cache size computation;
  • Average study size
    • The average number of clips performed. More clips and longer the clips, bigger the study size.
    • The average number of images per session.
    • The ratio of newer or older scanners. Newer scanners tend to deliver higher resolution images at the cost of taking up more disk spaces (up to 4 times more than scanners that were being sold just 7 to 5 years ago).
  • Average number of priors per patient. 
    • This value will vary due to your practice. If you are a large research hospital with a long history of having a PACS archive, this can easily climb to more than 10 priors. As the time passes, there will be more priors.

To estimate the best cache size for your situation;

  • We assist you in calculating your annual study volume including priors retained online for the period of 1 year (or the number of years you designate) from 1 month of data acquired in the system during the site planning phase.