Caution on Amending Measurements

Typical Symptom

The computed values from the Ultrasound Calculation Package used (for example, estimated delivery date or fetal weight) on the Worksheet from the Ultrasound Screen (as seen on the PACS or Imorgon Workstation) is slightly different from the values reported by the Report Accelerator.


Most ultrasound machines permit alterations of measurements but will not require the operator to save the worksheet to be sent to the PACS. This typically happens especially when re-measurements are done by the request of radiologists. If, however, ultrasound machines are set to send a single SR object at the end of a study, the SR contains the most up-to-date computations including the amended measurements. Considering the amended data being more accurate, Imorgon Report Accelerator is sending the most recent and most accurate data to your reports.

This cannot be automatically prevented thus, you should be aware of this situation and the one Report Accelerator reports is based on all of the measurements taken.

Please note that outside of taking some simple average, detecting min or max value, Report Accelerator does not re-compute values based on other measurements. It is not a calc package. It will thus not change a value.


User Training is Important! There is no automated way to prevent this from happening. It is not possible for Report Accelerator to know if this condition has occured, as it faithfully transmit the data that was received without modification.  It is important to train all operators of this specific issue and ask them to get in a habit of taking the worksheet screen always at one last time immediately after the exam is completed.