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About Customer Care Pedia Knowledge Base

We are compiling any information that might be useful to our customers in this Wiki Format. It is a work in progress and some pages are not yet written and also new articles are being added on a continuing basis. You can also request us to write support or training articles. Please feel free to contact your support or training representative. We are now starting to add video format articles as well.

If you do not find the answer you need right away, please file a service request email to iCare@Imorgon.NET or call our toll-free number anytime at (877) 298-7543.

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General Product Support

If you suspect an issue, especially the product outage, please contact your institution's PACS or System Administrator first, since the problem may be within your institution, for example, network outage or other known problems. They have been trained on providing the initial support, and also they need to know if there is any problem with the Imorgon system as well as related components such as the network and modalities.

Video Tutorials

To view support videos, click the link following the title and enter the associated password.

Ultrasound Workflow with Imorgon


Web Viewer

For PACS System Administrators

For IT and Network Engineers

Specifications and Pre-Sales Information

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